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Sedona Valley.jpg (54836 bytes)

Sedona Valley 
Oil 18" x 24
$340 plus shipping
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Leaves.jpg (44604 bytes)

Oil    12 x 14
$210 plus shipping

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Sails.jpg (41885 bytes)

Oil   16" x 20"
$200 plus shipping
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Sedona Magic.jpg (62059 bytes)

Sedona Magic
Oil    24 x 20
$270 plus shipping
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running for home.jpg (40770 bytes)

Running For Home
Print from Original Pencil Drawing
17" X 14"

$35.00 shipping included
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Red Rocks.jpg (51696 bytes)

Red Rocks
Print from Original Pencil Drawing
14" X 17"

$35.00 shipping included
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Contact: Mike Pizzuto, Scottsdale Arizona 85260, 480-614-8862
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